My Rating: 10/10

Rotten Tomatometer: 77% Certified Fresh

PLOT: Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of author Frank Miller’s iconic series of graphic novels explores the underbelly of Basin City, with seedy stories of three different people, all caught up in violent corruption.


Because it was kind of a nirvana for me. For non-readers of the graphic novels, the movie is going to be a little weird, shot in stark, high-contrast, digitally enhanced black and white to match the images from the source material. For me and the Frank Miller fan base, it’s literally like watching the characters from the comics leap into life. It’s not just the color palette…there are shots that are an EXACT COPY of what was drawn on the pages. So the visual aspect is a HUGE plus. Story-wise, it’s like someone fed Dashiell Hammett nothing but whiskey and cigarettes for a week, then plopped him in front of a typewriter with Quentin Tarantino whispering story ideas into his ear. You’ll never hear dialogue like this in movies set in the real world. The sentences and monologues coil around each other, like a film-noir’s wet dream of itself. There’s more gratuitous nudity than any two Porky’s movies put together. (Well…maybe not MORE, but definitely more EFFECTIVE…let’s give Carla Gugino a great big hand, folks.) The violence is pitched at a level somewhere between Kill Bill and a snuff film. There are moments that are bizarrely laugh-inducing, but you get the idea the filmmakers are in on the joke, so it’s okay. What an insane ride. What a solid entertainment.

Click on the image to rent or buy now!

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