MARC’S REVIEW – Ant Man and The Wasp

Some tricked out effects and a sporty cast bring “Ant Man And The Wasp” to new heights and low level amazement.

Let me just sidetrack around the plot to basics. Okay? Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly)-Wasp, and Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) -Ant Man have to rescue Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) from the Quantum Realm. Everyone else is making that a problem for them.

The most recent entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (until “Captain Marvel” is released on March 8 ), is a well choreographed ballet of eye popping special effects. A fist fight or a car chase through the Streets of San Francisco (where all the best car chases occur) involve shrinking and growing and shrinking and growing, and shrinking midway and growing midway.

Because director Peyton Reed sets these highlighted scenes in daytime I’m so grateful because I can watch the quickness of the action with a minitiarized winged Wasp or a ginormous Ant Man as they run from a goofy gangster played by Walter Goggins or a skilled costumed antagonist who goes by the name of Ghost.

Rudd is a great comedian. He has an especially good scene as his body and mind become possessed by Pfeiffer’s character. His timing is perfect. He’s hilarious in his charming way.

Great delivery also comes from Michael Pena, a favorite from ”Ant Man” and his recounts of background story.

The powers uncovered for the heroes to embark on is very lively. Michael Douglas easily hides his history of an accomplished acting resume to take this silly science seriously.

My one issue and I guess it’s personal is similar to my issues with “Ratatouille.” There was an entertaining story but it was a film swarmed in rats, LOTS OF RATS, that just gave me the willies. Same here, the ANTS!!!! Big ones, shrunken ones, worker ants and flying ants. Ants in the bathtub and ants playing drums. I get an icky feeling each time they are there that it’s for another shot of humor geared for the youngest viewers. Kids love it! For me, however, Ants? Blech!

As well, the large ants don’t appear convincing enough. I can’t get past that I’m either watching a guy dressed in an ant costume, or I’m watching poor CGI of a guy dressed like an ant. The ant gags took me nowhere but showed me how infested insects creepy crawl around. I’m shaking just writing this.

Just get me back to the human interactions and I’m satisfied.

Click on the image to rent or buy!

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