MARC’S REVIEW – Suicide Squad

From August 12, 2016:

Another potentially awesome story squandered. Is writing a lost art?????

(Possible Spoilers). Tell me, if an all powerful sorceress were able to destroy the world, would our one best hope really be a team consisting of Half Man/Half Crocodile, a Pom Pom girl wearing hot pants who carries a mallet, a dude with a talent for guns (mind you, against all powerful magic), a flame thrower and a bloke with …ahem….a boomerang?

There were two movies going on here. Neither one of them were good, unfortunately.

I liked the ending the first time when I saw it in Ivan Reitman’s “Ghostbusters,” with better dialogue and characters I cared about (including a giant marshmallow man).

Also what was the point of the Joker? What service did he offer to the story? Sorry. Retract that question. I forgot. There was no story.

Lastly, I guess you can’t call it copyright infringement if Warner Bros/DC swiped Harley Quinn from the Batman Animated Series (at least it seemed that way).

No way the critics were wrong on this one. No way at all. This is a perfect example of no coherence. No skillful editing and ugly cinematography of darkness, rain, fire, bullet shells and 3 helicopter crashes with no casualties or wounds.

Redeeming qualities: a great soundtrack and a peppy portrayal of Quinn from Margot Robbie. (She will win an Oscar one day. I’ve no doubt.) Other than that, this is garbage.

Really bummed. I’ll just appreciate those awesome trailers from now on the same way I reminisce over my favorite MTV videos of yesteryear.

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