MARC’S VIEW – M & M’s Return to the Multiplex!

At last!!!! Movie theatres are reopening and things are as normal as possible.

I must admit that while we are careful and definitely respectful of following all precautions necessary during these unusual times, my wife and I are not overly fearful of what’s occurring. We have not allowed the conditions of the pandemic to restrict us from opportunities available to us. So when the much anticipated and much delayed tent pole film “Tenet” was finally released in time for the Labor Day weekend, we decided as a last minute decision to go to the movies on a Saturday night.

The AMC Veterans in Tampa, FL is our go to venue. After all, they have the amazing DOLBY cinema, theatre number 13 to be more precise. We purchased our tickets on line through my mobile app and bought our concessions in advance. What was also cool was that we had enough points for a welcome ten dollar discount.

As expected there was disclosure about how the theatre’s policies have changed and we glanced over them quickly.

For one thing, all seating is spaced apart by at least two empty seats for acceptable social distancing. Masks must be worn at all times in the lobby and theatre, but you are welcome to take them off while eating and drinking concessions. The Coke fountain is available as well but now a wipe dispenser is available to allow for no touch/contact operation. Also, just like your supermarket, the plastic dividers are up at the concession counter and even when you get your on line ticket zapped upon entry. Seats are cleaned in between showings.

It was a fine and comfortable experience. It was so comfortable in fact that it was nice to just be adjacent to my wife and not a stranger whipping out his glowing cell phone or talking during the picture. The movie? Well…look for my review.

I confess that I’ve grown accustomed to watching movies at home. At the risk of boasting, I guess I just love my home theatre. Still, there’s nothing like going to the movies.Warm popcorn. A large icy cold fountain soda. My box of NERDS and my gal’s hand to hold. Not to mention outstanding trailers that promise more great times at the theatre like James Bond, Black Widow and Wonder Woman. Did you know there’s a new Dune movie coming out too?

It’s sad that the last message before the movie starts is now a reminder to keep your mask on. It’s the times we live in. I had gotten used to the purple night sky Coke ad and the dorky looking patrons with big teeth happily spending a fortune on drinks and other goodies while reclining in their oversize chairs in slow motion. Those kids will be back on the screen though.

Our normalcy at the movies will return as well.

Granted that last thought contradicts my opinion on the economics of movie watching. That’s another subject where the big chains like AMC & Regal will need to work out new arrangements with the studios to encourage moviegoers to return.

But my favorite weekend activity is available to me again and nothing could be better than that.

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